Saturday, October 26, 2013

Here Kitty, Kitty by Shelly Laurenston

I freakin' LOVED Nik! "ya'll can slam into me any time." At least she could. He could care less about the midget." I love how he talks, "sssh, darlin'. Big boys talkin'." Angelina does things to our boy Nik, "true, her twenty grand worth of clothes were in the back of his pick-up, but he really needed a moment to, er, compose himself." sometimes the way he talks it's as if he's wooing her, "and, sugar, if you're gonna sit out on that balcony at night, half-naked, smellin' so sweet and sighing like you had the best eff of your life, then you might as well put a leash around my neck and call me yours." Sometimes Nik can't help how his body reacts even if it's at the wrong time, "of course, his di** decided at that moment to stand up and say 'hey, ya'll'." He doesn't like sharing what's his, "yes. We need to make some things clear. I don't share what's mine. So you have no worries about my brothers. Ever." I really loved this book and I hope Ban or Alek get the next one.

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