Saturday, October 26, 2013

Winter Kisses by Addison Moore

Addison seems to be getting some AMAZEBALLS covers for her books they like drag your a** in to read the book. Ryder being inside his mind was a damn joy, "my heart jumps into my throat. My d*** ticks in my boxes because, holy hell, there's a tiny ray of hope that suggests he might get attention from the real deal tonight, but I think we both know that's a pipe dream." He's bossy, "get in my bed," he growls it out sharp like an order." I liked this book but I wish it had been full length and I had wished that Ryder and Laney had talked more about their issues then just you know jumping in the sack (if you get my meaning here.) Meg that bi*** got what she deserved I was like 'GO LANEY, GO LANEY!' But I'm really excited about Cole and Roxy's story! 

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