Thursday, October 31, 2013

First Glance by Laura Hunter

I loved Killian!!! He's cocky, "I don't normally. You've brought out all my best qualities, sweetheart." He talks like he owns the room (which to me that sexy beast does) "she didn't call me, she cam around to the cafe, but didn't end up ordering anything. She wanted to talk to me, about you. She invited me to her wedding, which I thought was peculiar, her being a stranger and all. I mean, you don't go inviting strangers to your wedding." When I say cocky I mean really cocky, "do you want me to ask you?" I realize I'm standing really close to him, less than a foot in proximity. He raises his eyebrow, waiting for me to give my answer." And he knows how to show a  girl he's interested, "our lips meet again and we fall backward on the bed. Oh yes, he wants me alright." Although short I liked this story

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