Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cyrus by MJ Fields

Cyrus is a little harsher than Jase but the man does things out of love he just doesn't know how to show that love properly, "I paid for half an hour with you. I don't expect s*** from you, but I do expect you to tell me if something my shop did is hurting you. If it's infected Birdie you need someone to check it out." Sometimes he's a man that's all bark and does it for good reason and has Tara's best interests at heart, "I couldn't let go, I wouldn't," No Birdie, you cry damn it. Just effing cry." Cyrus isn't a man with romance in his body he's more for bluntness and showness, "I think you're effing gorgeous, so I'm gonna work on not wanting to bang you, and you're gonna work on ugly alright?" I liked Cyrus just not as much as Jase. 

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