Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beautiful Oblivion by Addison Moore

Love the cover, and love Addison so of course I was going to read the damn book! I just wished there would have been maybe a prologue so we could see how Ace and Reese know each other because when I started reading the book it jumped right into action which I normally like but I was a tad bit confused on how they knew each other and what they are to each other so a little background info would have been really nice. Ace though I did love him and right off you could tell that he had feelings for Reese who was well oblivion to them. I love his teasing manner, "Ace jumps to his feet and starts tugging down his shorts, exposing a glowing line of skin highlighted low around his waist. "You'd better spin around, or you're about to see another foot long." I loved his reactions to Reese, "I turn back in time to catch her slipping out of her shorts, and my di** wags like a tail. And to think I almost missed the show." Reese I like how she's not going to change anything on her body for a boy and ladies I mean ANYTHING, "oh really," I say it curt. "Do you think he's going to shave his fun zone using the same brand of logic? I think not. It's totally sexist to suggest I lose the bush. By the way, nary a sharpened blade will get near my sweet spot." Ace he enjoys what Reese does to him, "she pulls the string to my board shorts and unties the front. Her fingers comb out the laces, and before I know it she's excavated my hard-on, and lands it between us. It does look like a pet, on big oversized hairy beast." That is good to know Ace that you're endowed women appreciate that information.

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