Monday, October 21, 2013

Jake Undone by Penelope Ward

Jake I loved his sense of humor although perverted at times, "I like you. You're an easy target. It's gonna be fun to have you around. By the way, I really am an engineer. My cubicle mate Raj gets pretty pi**ed when  I try to take off my clothes and give him a lap dance, so I stopped stripping a long time ago." He's chivalrous at times, "then, he reached into his pocket and handed me...a pair of underwear. "I found these on the bathroom floor...thought you might want them back." He knows how to get even when someone snoops through his stuff, "your underwear drawer might get rearranged this week. That's all I'm sayin'" He's considerate, "he was still shirtless and wearing a pair of navy sweatpants that hung low displaying the top of his gray boxer briefs. He sat up straighter. "How was you pee?" What I didn't like was the secret he kept and I never really got an answer to a question that I wanted answered.  

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