Saturday, September 21, 2013

Unattainable by Madeline Sheehan

Wow! Madeline sure knows how to give us a story that's raw, gritty, and surprisingly right for the characters she's writing about. ZZ he's um... well he's ZZ, "for eff's sake, Tegen, stop overthinkin' every damn thing. Just get on my goddamn di** and start effin' bouncin'" Cage I think he's starting to see his mistakes but he's going about it kinda rudely, "yeah," he continued. "I am. I was nineteen. I was a effin' a**hole and it shouldn't have gone down like that. For your first time, baby, you deserved a lot effin' better than me." He's possessive but then again name one damn biker who isn't, "Cage's already rising temper flared to life and his arm shot out. Gripping Cox's shirt collar, he pulled them nose to nose. "My hot piece of a**," he growled. "Which you do not effin' talk about." He's well Cage, "while you've been bein' crazy, I've been effin' you for the past twenty minutes at least, might even finish before I get up inside that hungry pu*** of yours. And I ain't the little engine that could; when my s*** is outta fuel, that ba***** is in for the night. So effin' sucks to be you."  What is best about Madeline's books is that they're like real life or what MC's are like.

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