Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saving Dallas: Making the Cut by Kim Jones

Luke loved him in book one loved him in this book him and his hotness, "he was shirtless and seemed to have just showered. He stood up and smiled at me and my eyes drifted from his face down to where his gray sweats hung low on his waist." I mean I missed my boy, "Luke looked like he had not missed a workout. His abs rippled down his stomach all the way to his V. His arms looked bigger than I remembered them, and the tattoos that ran down them seemed to have grown also." Yea...I missed him. He's still blunt, "you feel so good, baby. I love looking at your perfect a** while my co** slides in and out of you." Ho-ly s***. If I could have gotten wetter, I did. "I love seeing your sweet juices on me. I love tasting it on my lips, and I love the way your pu*** tightens around me when you cum." I think he loves his woman. And he's very considerate always offering to take one for the team, "you sure? I don't mind effing you until you pass out." We got a lot more point of views in the book, and some shockers so I was pleased with reading about Luke and Dallas. 

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