Saturday, September 21, 2013

Champagne Kisses by Krista Lakes

I always read Krista's Billionaire bookies I love them and when they come out the first day they're always free which makes me love them even more. Dean he was a character and he was flirty, "are you trying to get my address?" Dean asked with a mock-scandalized look." He's a looker, "he held me up with ease, his strong arms supporting me with no problem whatsoever. I reveled in the feeling of his chest those strong muscles." He's quite endowed, "I saw the bulge in his briefs, I froze up while looking at it, and he chuckled and pulled his pants the rest of the way off." He also appreciates when a lady takes charge, "he made a surprised growl, but grinned as he saw me straddle him." I liked this book and I have a feeling that maybe Robbie's book is next? 

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