Saturday, September 21, 2013

For the Summer by Shey Stahl

This is the first book of Shey's that I wanted to kick her a**, I cried and anyone who knows me knows I hate effing crying over a book and then walking downstairs and being asked 'why were you crying?' Also Shey and I had a little convo before I read this book she told me that Dylan (Waiting For You) will have a little competition with my heart from Bensen (main guy in this book) so like any normal girl I braced, and well sorry to say sweetheart but Dylan still has mine locked, chained, and in a chest. I have to admit though Bensen is a looker but I also have to say not like Dylan, "I watched the way your black shirt clung to your bicep muscles, noticing you already looked bigger than the last time I saw you." Bensen he gave me whiplash I wasn't sure what in the hell the boy would say next he was always shocking me through out the book, "you're prettier, Sophie." You leaned back, resting your hand on the dock, closing your eyes. "She's not my girlfriend. It's not like that with us." He has a jealous streak which I'm truly not sure why he has with the actions he does, "you effing him?" You looked livid, and the fact that you even cared wasn't lost on me." Sophie you know I thought she was this quiet, shy girl nope at times she surprised me as well, "you know what, I would if you could actually tell me that I'm the only girl you see. Effing own up to it, then maybe I would." He can be bossy as well, "I'm not asking you, Sophie. Get up and dance with me." So is this book worth the read? Well I would reply does a bear s*** in the woods? 

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