Sunday, September 22, 2013

Skin Walkers: Monroe by Susan A. Bliler

Oh Eden how much I liked you, "my father is dead, and there is no husband. I run this property, and unfortunately for you, I've run out of patience. Good day Mr. StoneCrow." She's a saucy lil' thing, "oh for crying out loud! If you're going to forego the use of my title than call me Edie. I hate it when people call me Eden." Monroe is protective, "when he was closer he scented blood...her blood. Enraged he let loose a ferocious roar hoping to stop whatever attack was happening." He likes things a certain way especially if his woman is sick and she's hungry, "contact the Chef. I want hot meals delivered to this room every twenty minutes. Not a minute sooner, not a effing second later!" He's um foregoing some changes and it makes him wild, "run from me, Eden, and I promise you'll regret it. If you aren't in my suite when I get there I will hunt you! No matter where you are, or who you're with, I'll strip you bare, take you to your knees, and eff you so thoroughly that your screams of pleasure will serve as notice to all on this goddamn estate that you recognize that you belong to me!" He's a good guy and would do anything for his Angel, "you didn't just want to kiss me. You wanted more. You are mine Eden just as I am yours. If you want something from me...take it." 

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