Monday, September 30, 2013

Repair Me by Jennifer Foor

This is one book I had to get I mean hello look at the cover can you say yummy? Sky that girl I loved her and if you ever break your heart the girl has revenge written all over her, "I mean, I wasn't going to hang myself or take a bottle of pills. I did, however, consider killing him, by ripping off his di** and hanging it on a flagpole for the whole campus to see." Now Ford that is one piece of fine man I wouldn't enjoy having, "yeah, we tend to carry old ladies groceries around here. If an animal's in the road it's called dinner." Ford may be a country boy but his damn manners ain't southern at all, "I'll eff you so good that the only car you'll ever drive will be a Ford, because you'll never stop thinkin' about me." There were times I kinda thought he was a pig but I actually overlooked them, "when I first walked into the diner, I stopped to say hello to my aunt and wave to my cousin Joey, who was cooking in the back. I made sure she knew that I was paying for whatever Sky wanted to eat and drink. If I was going to get a piece of that, then I needed to make sure she was fully satisfied." But once I warmed up to Ford I couldn't help but love him and Sky slowly little by little peeled off a layer to get to the true guy underneath, and Ford did the same to Sky, "yeah, I like you, too, Sky. I ain't smiled in a long damn time. I know I played head games with you at first, but once I had you in my bed, naked, I didn't want you to leave." And then there's this Ashley girl who needed to take a damn hit and then the scene from the movie 'Mean Girls' pops in my head where Regina George gets ran over by a school bus I was kinda wishing that for Ashley. 

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