Monday, September 30, 2013

A Crazy Homecoming by Cate Baylor

Sweet Jesus I loved this damn book. Mick he's my kind of guy, "he shuffled through his tidy living room and past the bathroom, stripping as he went. He couldn't have cared less about tidying up his small cabin, much less himself, so he skipped his nightly shower and shave. Stripped bare he fell to his bed...." OMG I loved Daphne's Nana, "Mick, don't be an a**. Cool down." Putting a soothing hand on Daphne's shoulder, Nana turned and said sweetly, "Daphne, hon, this is Mick." Mick he's um... he has that way about him that I wouldn't mind taking off a few layers, "I said, take off your pants. This isn't a come-on, lady," he growled. "They're determined buggers. You have ants in your pants." Daphne I think has had a great welcome home time, "well," Daphne pouted, "two nights after he pointed a shotgun at me, the man set a hose on me, stripped my pants off, spanked me, then doused me with alcohol. I didn't think that was normal, Nana." Mick he really is just plain hot, I love cowboys, "he circled his arm around her waist and rumbled, "it's my turn now. I'm tired of watching you dance with other men." I mean the boy even knows how to blush how many men do you know that still blush, or blush at all? "he still held his shirt in his hands, and glanced down to see his pants were still unfastened. Sweet Jesus. He swore his entire body blushed. He cleared his throat and ran a hand through his hair. "Uh, good morning, Mrs. B. I, uh, I've got to go." 

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