Monday, September 30, 2013

In Kelly's Corner by Roxie Rivera

Kelly you could tell that he has feelings for Bee and that he's protective of her, "the sight of her so under-dressed and with that strange expression on her face tipped Kelly's internal alarm. Something wasn't right." I mean there's a possessiveness side of him as well especially when one of his pals wants to ask Bee out that is a no-no in his book, "I'll have your balls in a vise if you put one effing hand on her." Kelly a man like him with all that marine training and working out sure is endowed, "I slid my hand beneath the denim and followed the outline of his rock-hard co** under his boxer-briefs. I had always suspected Kelly had a big di** and he certainly didn't disappoint." He's a man who likes certain things and wants his orders to be followed now some of his orders ladies I wouldn't mind doing (winks), "I want you naked and waiting for me when I get back." I have read a few of Roxie's books before this one and she is one author that never disappoints. 

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