Sunday, September 29, 2013

Carter Reed by Tijan

Carter Reed has that fierceness and protectiveness about him, "he gave me a small grin. "I'll take care of you." I don't doubt you will hunny! He's like a general when he gives an order he expects that order to be completed, "I came to get you." He leaned forward. "I told you to stay put. I came back and found you gone. I don't like that, Emma, not one bit." You know I kinda read between the lines in the beginning and realized the boy is kind of selfish and wants Emma to himself, "I can't protect you if you're not with me. You can live your life, but I want you to live with me." It's also apparent that the boy will do anything for Emma, "she had cried in his arms that night and he wanted to murder whoever caused her the pain." He's a VERY sexual being and let me tell you what I found my panties being a little damp after reading a few of his scenes, "this," he growled in a whisper against my lips. "This is what I wanted that night. I couldn't contain myself and I had to taste you, but tonight is the night I really have you. You're mine, Emma. You always have been." He just does things to women, "and you're my woman." He stopped and glared. A thrill went through me. A primal possessiveness was in his gaze." 

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