Friday, September 20, 2013

Love Came Back by Stephanie Nicole Garza

Konner holy hell I love him, "I'm sorry if that came out a little too bluntly Siddaleigh. I definitely don't want to scare you, banphrionsa. I just thought maybe you'd like to catch up. Hang out with me. These years apart have been really good on you and I'd like to know everything you've been up to." Konnor he appreciates the weird simple things in life, "instant hard-on, again. Damn, but watching my woman take simple pleasure in looking at books made me hard." That man and his words do things to me, "and trust me, amanchara, you will not have anything to run from me again. Don't even think you can just eff me and run. Don't be a coward, leannan milis. I'm not going anywhere." Nate s*** I loved him, "God, man. That's, whoa. Congrats for one and two...hurry the eff up bro. Drive like you effing stole it." Can't wait for his sexiness to have a story.  

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