Friday, September 20, 2013

Scent of a Mate by Milly Taiden

I love reading Milly's books there's always so much love, possessiveness, fun, did I mention possessiveness? Jordan I really loved her, and Aric mhmmm boy oh boy loved him and his hotness as well, "with his piercing dark eyes, eyes she swore begged her to strip every time he glanced her way. And that tall slightly tanned hard body filled with boundless muscles. So many muscles." Jordan that girl has some cray cray thoughts that were always entertaining me, "hell, why did she start visualizing Aric as a man shoving his face in her crotch? He was in wolf shape for cripes sake." There was one scene I almost pi**ed myself laughing so hard:
              "Are that normal?" She glanced down to his ever-growing hard-on and licked her lips.
              "That's pretty normal whenever I'm turned on." His voice sounded deeper than usual, rough.....
              "What part turned you on, the fighting or the shoving your muzzle in my crotch?" 
He's so damn possessive, "I wasn't asking for permission. You're already mine." He's protective, "rage bubbled in his veins. "What do you mean? How were they awful?" Did I mention the entertainment you get out of Jordan's thoughts? "yes, please. Home or bed, it didn't matter. Hell, she'd let him eff her behind a tree if Mason didn't look." I mean the wolf wants what the wolf wants guys, "you. Mine." That was the best he could do. The wolf was jerking at the skin. He wanted her and the beast did too. I can't wait for the next book in the series. 

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