Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Living with the Bad Boy by Sharlay

Caleb I loved him, "ok, well I'm just warning you that I get impatient, so if I can't find one then I'm more than happy to walk around naked." He's just something else completely, "as if telling the entire school that I was in love with my best friend wasn't bad enough, now you want to damage my vital organs too?" He said with a slight smile on his face." Seriously when you get these two in a room it's all pranks, attitude, and a whole lot of sexual tension:
             "I will tell you now, if you ever put that disgusting tongue anywhere near me, not only will I bite it off but I will also spit it back down your throat, and watch you choke on it," I said before walking straight past him.
            "You're so hot when you're angry, Princess," I heard him chuckle from behind me.
Oh yeah I enjoyed this book. 

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