Thursday, September 26, 2013

Butterfly Cove by Christina Skye

Rafe and Olivia have history so much so that when he shows up again and she's passing out and not making sense from an accident it's him she talks about I thought that was both cute, and really funny, "he looks like...Daniel Craig. Rafe, I mean. Always was too gorgeous for his own good. He could have any girl in town." Olivia frowned. "And he probably did." Her eyes closed." He's a looker ladies, "sweat glistened on his bare chest and slid slowly down his powerful biceps, and Olivia strangled a sigh at the sight of that tanned, rugged body." He must have that affect on all the women. I mean he's really a looker especially when certain things, "his blue jeans were open at the waist. He wore nothing else, and Olivia saw the dark, chiseled sweep of his chest in the moonlight." What the hell are you just standing there ogling him for jump his bones for Christ sake! I think Rafe brings out the playful side of Olivia otherwise she has a stick up her arse like 24/7, "Olivia ran a hand across his chest and smiled darkly. "Satisfaction is very high on my list. You may be certain of that." Or she got laid that puts anyone in a better mood. 

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