Thursday, September 26, 2013

In Harmony by Helena Newbury

I love me some Connor him and his Irish-ness! "would you like me to lay you down on your back?" he asked, at least partially for their benefit. "Or should I pull you up against me?" Freakin' the chemistry between Karen and Connor is there but sometimes Karen is just to innocent okay she really is innocent but she's a damn airhead at times: 
                          Then I heard, very clearly, the sound of a stream of liquid.
                          "Oh my God! Are you taking a leak, while you're on the phone to me?!"
Hey I'd be flattered if someone was talking on the telly with me while they were taking a leak it means they care enough about you to not want to let you go. Did I mention how innocent she is? No well let me just give ya a little reminder: 
                I twisted and pulled open the drawer next to my bed. All four boxes of condoms were sitting there, cellophane removed and lids bent back. I looked at him questioningly. 
               He blinked a couple of times. "I'm not fussy," he said at last." 
Yeah I liked this book. 

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