Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Love by MJ Fields

I had to mentally brace myself for this bookie because the first one hit me HARD, and it wasn't just the cliffhanger. As we all know Lucas and Tessa's relationship was kinda non-existent by the end of book 1 now it's kind of existent and well not going the way either of them planned, "nope, look last night was fun, I know you're leaving and I know you're going to have a baby, but for just a few minutes," she stopped took a deep breath and swallowed, "I forgot, so my mistake, I'm sorry. I'm not mad and I hope you can forgive." You know Tessa we're seeing a new side of her it's kind of like roles are reversed and it's Lucas's turn to look after and be there as a support person, "that's nice Tessa but what s*** did you do? Did you drink, do pills, or smoke something?" Lucas demanded." Lucas he can be sweet, and just lately he's getting on my nerves it's like the pot calling the kettle black, "Tessa you want to tell him the stuff I'm going through?" Lucas snapped. "How about we tell Ben here what you're actually like?" Then he got back in my good graces, how did he manage that by well not making a big deal over something when mother nature hits Tessa, "Lucas stood and look at all the different types of pads, "Now what the hell do you need wings for and why not these?" he asked picking up a box of tampons." When they're together I love their playfulness, "ok my bad," he put his hand on her a**, "This will look fine in uniform," he rubbed his hand down her butt and grabbed it." I mean Tessa she grows balls in this book and speaks her mind, I love seeing her grow, "you complained, and you got pi**ed at how I sucked your di**? Yes, I'm pi**d that on'es going to be a little hard to get out of my head." This cliffhanger wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be it was something to work with so I was pleased, well still upset that there was a cliffhanger but pleased with the cliffhanger, if that makes any sense at all.

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