Sunday, August 25, 2013

Unscrupulous by Avery Aster

This book was a great read, I really did enjoy reading it, Taddy is a hoot, "sweet Jesus balls of justice. Look at those nuts. Dang!" Her thoughts are entertaining, "so flippin' male. So effin' mine. So effing now." She's also a harda** when needed, "I should've figured. It's your hotel. Only an a**hole would press charges." Warner and Taddy's reactions to each other was very entertaining especially when you read it in the mind of Taddy, "Warner picked her a smidge off her feet as he squeezed. You're strong. He pressed into her as she felt his muscles. You're hard. His erection grazed her as well. You're hung." Yep real interesting. Warner the boy doesn't wince words, "so you're saying - you want to see my penis again?" And he knows how to set boundaries something Taddy has never really had in her life, "you can spank my a**. You can even strike my di**. But don't ever hit my face." 

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  1. Heather! You picked the most sarcastic quotes. I love it. You're going to adore Lex in Undressed then because she has a mouth like you! xo