Sunday, August 25, 2013

Breaking Beautiful by Amanda Bennett

Gray is still the ever protective one since we last saw him the boy has more to lost than just Bennett this time around, "how the hell did that mother effer get in here?" He's the protector, savior and the love of her life and Bennett I think really does cherish that especially after everything those two have been through and are going through, "don't worry, Button, we will find him, if it's the last thing I do. If I have to I will find him myself." Their relationship is still going on strong, "his erection dung into my hip and I smiled wide. "Okay, so maybe you can." I blushed." (If you get my meaning.) And certain situations make Gray and idiot and he tends to forget a few things but luckily for him Bennett is there to sort him out, "Gray, I'm pretty sure if we went into the hospital like this they would send us home. We are both stark naked, minus my lacy  underwear." I liked the first book more in this series as there was more emotional things going on but I still liked reading this book. 

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