Monday, August 26, 2013

Stripped by H.M. Ward

I love Holly I really do but these damn cliffhangers and not stand alone books are killing me. There only better be two books I really do hate these clifhangers, but I love the Ferro brothers so I guess I'll have to deal with it. I'm kind of excited as to what I found out at the end, that means the next series installment of something is going to be good. Jonathan even at a young age he was a cocky little s***, "Jonathan's eyes dip to my cleavage. "I know so. One day with me is all it takes, baby." I liked going back in the past where Cassie and Jon first met, it helped me understand what the hell is up his butt and why he was so mad at her. Even after all the years and what she 'supposedly' did to him he still cares a lot for her, "I hate sitting and watching her work the other guy. Every bit of me wants to strut over to the man and slam my fist down his throat." I wish the "Arrangement" series was told in both point of views like this one was that way there I could get in Sean's head.

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