Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron

Loved this book! Taylor is a girl with a lot of baggage and doesn't take crap from anyone and she's forced to room with Hunter (total babe and ladies man) because their college messed up. Their banter is non-stop and half the things they argue about is kind of stupid, but it's fun to read about. Their first meeting actually was how the book hooked me in, it was hook, line and sinker. "I think you punching and kicking him in the balls was sort of a handshake." Hunter says things that embarrass Taylor and it is some funny crap. "I'd want to screw you no matter what you're wearing but you might want to spruce up a little so everyone will want you." He also wants to be with her, and not for conquest reasons either, but Taylor as I said has so much baggage that she doesn't want to get burned or hurt him (not that she would let him know that). "You are my business. I made you my business. I want you to be my business." I really truly LOVED this book as it was unique and something different from what I would normally read.

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