Thursday, July 25, 2013

Too Fast by Alexia Haynes

Perfect combination that got me to read this book, hot book cover and free (smiles). When you read as fast as I do sometimes it helps to get the free books Amazon has to offer and this one was a great book, not a good one but a great one. Luke he's a totally cocky flirt, "you didn't finish your research, College Girl. The night doesn't end until both of us are up and out of bed. And," he said with a sexy smirk," our night isn't nearly finished." Savannah she's an upfront and honest person, "she certainly wasn't intimidated by me, but I guess when you've heard someone yelling 'Oh my God' and your brother's name over and over, you aren't going to be intimidated." Luke is also a pretty confident guy, "on Sunday, after I left your place, I put condoms everywhere. Just in case. Well, I put them everywhere I pictured us having sex. So everywhere." Cocky boy. I think these two were perfect for each other and the timing was great at meeting each other, but they just didn't know it. I would love to have Madison's story next. 

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