Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rainwater Kisses by Krista Lakes

Owen when that man walks into a room his a** demands your attention, not grab it but demands it, "Kaylee, no more excuses. I want you to go parasailing with me, and then I want to hear all about being a physician's assistant." He's also a man that does his research, "Emma told me it was your favorite. I was going to get us reservations at a French restaurant, but she made sure I knew that you could be a grouch at the end of your shifts and I would be risking my life taking you anywhere nice in scrubs. So, I have comfort food and a bottle of wine in the car." Owen he kind of gets upset of dumb things when he was just sleeping, "I flew over twelve hours to get here, but you gave serious thought of going to work." I mean I understand where he's coming from but he was sleeping. He's protective though have to give him props for that, "are you alright, Kaylee? I'll come home right now, sandstorm be damned." He's also in love with his girl, "because it wasn't making me happy anymore. You make me happy. I couldn't bear the thought of taking another trip without you." That is so sweet. I love Krista's books and when I found out this was the second book after "Saltwater Kisses" you bet your a** I had to read it.  

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