Thursday, July 25, 2013

Storm Damages by Magda Alexander

What happens when I read the table of contents and find out there's another book coming, well I jump the gun go to the end, find the damn cliffhanger and start to read the excerpt of the second book, was not pleased about the cliffhanger or the way the second book starts out, not pleased at all. And this all started because I think the cover is pretty! Pretty covers need to stop having damn cliffhangers! Gabe he's quite the charmer, "no need to apologize." His eyes crinkle at the ends. "Feel free to grab anything that meets your fancy." He's also considerate, "love, trust me. I'm hard as iron. And the way you're looking at me, I don't know if I can control myself. This way, you're in charge." He loves his woman, "you wouldn't have to work if you were mine." I kinda like that idea, I mean I've always been lazy though. He's also a jealous man, and a possessive one, "you allowed him to slobber all over you. In case you didn't notice, he spend most of the dinner ogling your ti*s." As I said earlier wasn't pleased with how it ended so the second book better get here fast. 

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