Monday, July 29, 2013

The Singing River by R.K. Ryals

I liked this book so much, and since the beginning of the book I was so gunning for Haven and River to get their issues worked out and be together. Haven she's just so pure there was literally nothing, flaws or otherwise wrong with her, she just had this perspective on life and you couldn't help but fall in love with her. River he's trying to do what's right by his family's name and not really in it for himself, that is until Haven comes along and challenges him, and makes him see things in a different view. Haven she's just...I loved her, "well, I know I ain't gotta, but you know how I hate taking free stuff without paying, and I'm thinking about those vegetables in that garden of yours." She's also not one to hold things back, "I'm stronger than I look, but I'm also not afraid to admit my weaknesses. I can give you the boxes from up here, but you're definitely more able to carry them." Sometimes I think it was the River (no not River himself) that brought the two together, it was like it knew these two souls needed each other. I'm also hoping for Roman's story to come next. 

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