Monday, July 29, 2013

Friday Night Alibi by Cassie Mae

What a cute, fun read! When we met Chase I fell right in love with him, "hello?" He smiles and taps his fingers against the edge of the table. "Did my charming opening line sweep you off into silent fantasies?" Kelli has got some major balls and I just enjoyed reading about her tactics, "tossing the ball in the air, I whack it as hard as I can across the net. It hits his right butt cheek so hard, the smack! echoes through the court." There were times I felt for Kelli, "I'm not a friend or girlfriend or priority tonight. Because it's Friday. I'm only one thing. An alibi." Chase he's a great guy you can totally fart in front of him and he doesn't care, "I told you, I don't care. People fart. You fart, I fart, we all fart." Reminds me of the book 'Everybody poops.' 

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