Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Travis by Nicole Edwards

Reading this book was kind of a...well it was something. I wasn't used to reading this type of material. I gave it a try and well the story was well told but I don't think books with menage' is my type of thing. Kylie I loved her, she knows how to hold her own, "I'm pretty sure your actions speak louder than your words, Mr. Matthews. I have nothing more to say to you." I mean she really knows how to hold her own, "eff you, Gage. I don't owe you a damn thing. If you want the story, why don't you talk to Travis? You obviously know him much better than I do. And I have nothing left to say to either of you." There's a lot anger in Kylie for what happened ten years ago and honestly I don't blame the poor girl, "what do you want me to say, Travis? I've managed to mind my own business all these years, letting you walk away because because you chose to do so only to have your friend show up on my doorstep and flip my world upside down. I'm fine. I figure that's a polite way of putting it." There's so much chemistry between Gage, Travis, and Kylie that it's no wonder the girl gets sucked right back to Travis, "I'm willing, Kylie. Don't doubt that," he whispered. "But you're gonna have to take what you want, baby." As I said the story was good but I don't think it was my type of genre, but I'm a sucker for country boys so I'm sure I'm going to read the rest of the books in this series.

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