Monday, July 29, 2013

Reasons I Fell For the Funny Fat Friend by Becca Ann

I loved being in Brody's mind I always like being in a guys mind because the thoughts are always unfiltered, "one quick glance around the room and a shift later, nuts are in the right place and no one seems to have noticed." Hayley she's a character and I can relate to her so much, and her outburst are very entertaining, "look at your arms!" She head nods toward them. "You're not like on any sports teams and you're totally muscular." Brody's brother is such an arse! "Have fun with your girl. Didn't peg you as a chubby chaser, but whatever gets your action. Might help with your attitude." The things Hayley is going through is the stuff I went through and am still going through, "It doesn't make sense. Why would anyone choose the fat girl over the skinny one?" She grips my hand and stares me down. "You tell me that, and maybe...maybe I can allow myself to feel the things I want to feel for you." You know I really REALLY could feel what the girl was going through, "you deserve someone who you can brag about to your friends. Someone who's not embarrassing to be with. Someone who you want to shout out to the world you love them." And of course Brody is such a guy, "when I let my eyes rake over every curve, every part of her, and yeah, I check out her boobs way longer than she likes, but can you blame me?" 

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