Monday, July 29, 2013

Near & Far by Nicole Williams

Another great job by Nicole, I loved Jesse and Rowen in the first book so I was real glad to get a second book. We meet some new characters in this book and Alex that girl is a hoot, "what? You were keeping yours to yourself. Really, Rowen, when a half-naked man like this delicious boy-toy of yours is standing half-naked in the kitchen, someone's got to not keep their hands to themselves. Men like him weren't put on this planet so that women could keep their hands to themselves." Isn't that the truth ladies. Garth he kind of grew on me in this book, "eff filters," Garth said. "Filters are for guys who leave their testicles on their girlfriend's nightstand when they get up to leave." I mean he and Jesse seem to be bonding a lot more since the incident that happened in the first book, "dammit, Jess! Jerking off is not a joking matter!" Like seriously though I really enjoyed Garth in this book I want him to have his own book, "fine. he didn't say co**. Only a real man with a legitimate one uses co** when speaking about what swings between the knees. I think Jesse said little willy or wee one or something like that." This time around we got to be in Jesse's mind and his mind was entertaining, "because I want to be with my girlfriend, alone, and I wouldn't mind repeating some of the things we've done there before. Like skinny-dipping. And what follows skinny-dipping.

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