Monday, July 29, 2013

Resplendent by MJ Abraham

Andres I love him I really do but the boy comes off as a strong one, "what else do you need effing pills for, Savannah?" I scowled." Isn't he just charming? The book is told in both points of view, so I liked seeing what was happening in both their minds. Andres he's protective of Savannah, even when they were younger, "it is for the girls! What do I care? You know why guys go? To get laid! Which takes me back to my question. Who is taking you?" Carmin, I didn't like her at all that lying s**nk! What the hell was the bi*** thinking she could have ruined both Savannah and Andres lives! But that's okay, Savannah grows some balls and puts her in her place, "My fiancee is keeping my bed warm at night, attending to his daughter, and is no concern to you." Damn straight you tell the bi*** girl! I loved this book, do I kinda wanna see Carmin get a book of her own yes and no, yes because I want to see her work her s*** out and no because she just pi**ed me off. 

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