Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Hunted Series by Hope Welsh

Devlin he's kind of a bad boy, I must say I was likin' it, "for this woman though, he considered the forbidden anyway. She was special - and not simply because she was one of the Chosen." He also doesn't really care about rules, "yes, he had the answer. He'd make her his - to hell with what the Elders would say." Sarah even though Devlin comes to her in her dreams the girl is totally head over heels in love with the vampire, "sometimes he made love to her slowly and gently. Sometimes he was rough and demanding...but always, he made sure that she found as much pleasure as he did." See that is the type of man we all need ladies! You can tell how much Devlin loves Sarah the boy would move Heaven and Hell for her if she asked, "tell me what you're afraid of, love. I don't think you're afraid of me. I would never cause you harm." There's an easiness about Devlin when he and Sarah are together, "no I haven't - well, not much. I'm sure I only yelled when you tried to brain me with a hammer. Remind me to never make you truly angry with me." This book was a quick read, it was fun, there was lots of sex (can't go wrong there) and it was an easy read. 

Hailey she's a blunt person, "I found him in bed with my friend," I explained bluntly. "You?" Bennett is an honest guy, a cocky one but honest, "it's not nearly fast enough," he growled. "I've wanted you since I was sixteen." He also doesn't hide the fact that he's a vampire, "a vampire will only bite the woman he's going to spend his life with," he said quietly. "I'm not going to let you go. Your blood is mixed with mine, you belong to me." So possessive! Giles he's an a** and I'm kinda glad he got what was coming to him, "why, I'm going to rid the world of your who**. Then, I'm going after the who** Devlin mated with." What an a**! He's also very picky of what his woman wears out of the house, "I didn't seduce you. You wore the black leather. I had to help you change." He is oh so helpful. I do love this series these books are a quick fun read, that you can easily read while standing in a long a** line for coffee or something. 

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