Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Catching Caitlin by Amy Isan

There are times I really need to stop choosing books based on there cover. I mean this book was okay but it didn't really do it for me, I mean Hugh he's on bada** mother-effer you know? But even with him in the story the book wasn't my cup of tea. I mean I still enjoyed reading about Hugh, "mmm, you look delicious," he said, under his breath. His eyes danced over me. "Feet up on my desk and everything? Getting it all dirty?" It kinda makes me wonder if he doesn't like things dirty... Anyway Caitlin well she fascinated me she's so good a keeping a really big, important secret, but she also shocked me in one scene as well, "would you be offended if I sucked your co**?" I mean really who asks a guy that, in all honesty would any man in this world be offended? No, I didn't think so either. I liked how the story was about second chance romance, but as I said it wasn't my cup of tea. 

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