Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Poseidon by Kamery Solomon

I loved Zeus but I loved this one more! When are friend inboxed me to read and review a book and I found out it was this one by Kamery I so damn excited I almost peed myself. Yes that is how much I love the series. Audrey, she's a caring, thoughtful  "I already bought extra food for you," I rushed. "I figured you'd like a good, home cooked meal for a change. I saw the frozen dinners." The one thing I never really expected out of Audrey was jealousy, that really amused me, "it wasn't a date Mom," I sighed. "Which he made obvious when he spent the whole night with a bunch of other girls, who couldn't stop fawning over him. The fawning didn't seem to bother him, by the way." Sy he's well a man controlled by his emotions ladies and let me tell you the boy has a damn temper, I swear it is worse then my 4 yr old nephew's, "do you think I want to feel this way? I bet you just lie around and imagine how you're making me pin after you! Well, guess what? I don't want to have feelings for a widow! Especially one who can't let go of her dead husband!" He is one to also say what's on his mind which I like in a man, there's no beating around the bush with him ladies, "in your bikini. Red is a good color on you. Also, it's almost like you're parading around in your underwear for me, which I'm totally down with. You could do that for real if you wanted, by the way." That is so nice of him to give her permission! Now I got a hoot out of Hades and I seriously can not wait for his damn book to come out, "aw man," the man said, the flames dimming to almost nothing. "Athena, you have go to stop bringing every person you've wronged down here. It's not freaking Disneyworld." Yep I'm gonna love reading his story. Growing up I've always been into Greek Mythology it's always been one of my favorite subjects and there's so many different version about the myths out there and I do like a few but Kamery's versions happen to be my favorite. Of course in this installment there were heart stopping moments, and times I wanted to bi*** slap (mainly the author) for putting my emotions in turmoil, but other than those little incidents I loved the book. 

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