Thursday, July 25, 2013

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Damn cliffhanger. Cole I loved him, he's just so flirty, "no, just being cautious." He grinned widely. "Why? Did you miss me?" He also has a secret and when it comes out the boy tries so hard to save his a**, "I expected you'd react this way. I wanted to tell you," he started, but broke off at her knowing glare. "Okay, fine, I didn't. But this is exactly the reason why. You're looking at me as thought I've grown another he-" Lana is a saucy little thing that you can't help but love, "I'm still waiting on a reason to be afraid of you." Cole he loves his girl and he likes to show her that, "why don't we celebrate tonight by spending the rest of the evening in bed?" He nipped at her ear. "I think there are a few things I can give you early." Isn't that nice of him! I wasn't pleased with the ending, as it was a cliffhanger, but it is the first book in a series I do happen to have the next one so let's pray that there's no cliffhanger. 

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