Friday, July 26, 2013

Love of Truth by C.T. Oliver

What is it and books and cliffhangers! I just don't understand it. The book is told from both point of views and of course I love Craig's more, "okay, when I talk to her, I'm also going to have to talk to that dog about common courtesy, a.k.a No Co**-Block!" He's also a sweetheart, and caring, "hey, I know we haven't met, my name is Craig. I don't think you should drive if you're feeling frantic, and it looks like you don't want to let him go, so why don't I drive you?" He's also a playful guy, "oh baby, you keep teasing me like that and we're not going to get to the water at all today." He uhh.... like's his girl's panties to, "baby, you can't wear that. How am I supposed to focus on targets when I know you're wearing those under your pants." Amelia likes to shock her man at times, "Jesus, baby. You're not wearing any panties!" I rest my forehead against hers, trying to catch my breath. "You've been sitting next to me all night with no panties on." Amelia and Craig like to tease each and it's quite cute, "god baby. You're going to kill me one of these days with that look. Now, be good and let me get us home and then you can pick the movie, the flavors, the bed, the floor and whatever...Just hold on." I'm hoping there's going to be a second book since this one kind of ended not so well. 

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