Friday, July 26, 2013

Manic by J.A Huss

I thought this series was a two part kind of thing come to my surprise when I get to the end and there's a cliffhanger. I feel like Clare is a big fat elephant in Rook and Ronin's relationship, "maybe with most things, but not when it comes to Clare. Every time you ditch me it's for her." Ronin does love his girl, but sometimes I feel like it's all an act, "no, I mean, why buy one? I have two cars I never use. Just take one when you need it." He silence tells me she's got a problem with this. "Rook, I swear, if you say something stupid like I need my own car so you can't control me, I'll handcuff you to the bed and show you what domination really looks like." Rook she has balls, and knows how to take care of herself, "I'm not worried, Ford. Because if you touch me, I'll knee you in the balls so hard it'll be weeks before you can run stadiums again." Did I mention that big fat elephant of Clare in their relationship? "Just like that? Clare's in trouble so you drop everything, drop me, to go save her?" I mean he is kind of possessive of her, "no, Rook. Hating you is the last thing I'm thinking about. I'm thinking about how easy it would be for us to kill that mother-effer." Yea I really don't think Rook and Ronin have a healthy relationship need, I remind people of the big fat elephant in it? 

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