Friday, July 26, 2013

Inevitable by Angela Graham

I guess I set myself up with this one knowing there was a cliffhanger but two things happened one I ran out of reading material and two the cover is so pretty. Hilary you know every girl needs a friend like her, "exactly. It's been a year since that a**hole broke your heart. Time to get back out there and show off what the good Lord gave ya." My first thoughts of Logan was the boy was an extreme flirt and he's just cocky, "do you run every day this early? You're in great shape." His gaze wandered down my body, lingering on my legs and then back up, grinning. "Very nice shape." Cassie has a great head on her shoulders, "what part of him being a di** did you not understand the other day?" I answered, throwing my hands in the air. "I'm not going to be another notch on his bedpost!" You know Logan really pi**es me off a lot in this book he's just a cocky a** and a playboy yea he's into Cassie but he doesn't have balls to try and have a relationship, but Cassie she knows how to put him in his place, "a hotel? Really!" I hissed. "I'm a woman, not some piece of meat. I have no interest in going to some hotel, for some one-night stand with a man that cannot even talk about his own son without cringing. You can go around with your fancy cars and expensive suits but you have nothing I'm interested in!" Then Logan goes and does something stupid and honestly I think it's to late for him to make amends. "Don't kid yourself." He looked straight through me. "I'll never want anything more from you than your body. So either give me what I want -" He threw the condom at me and I watched it fall to my feet. "Or leave me the hell alone." 

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