Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lost Boy by Tara Brown

I loved reading Eli's perspective and I loved reading how Eli and Sarah met and their past. There are some scenes in the book that are hard to read, "I hate myself. I drop the paddle and leave her unconscious body on the bed, tired and exposed. I leave her, like I did to Stuart." If you've read 'The Lonely' you see Sarah's point of view (which wasn't as raw as Eli's) Eli's is more gritty, and more in depth. I never liked Jane in 'The Lonely' and I hate the bi*** in this book as well, "I want you, Eli. I thought that was pretty straight forward and obvious. I wanted you when we met." So am I glad when Eli cuts things off with the bi***, HELL YEA, he does it so heartlessly I loved it! "Wendy, it's Eli. Cut the funding to Dr. Bradley. We are concluded and will no longer be needing her services." I even liked the ending better than I did in 'The Lonely'

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