Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fall into my Heart by Rebecca Elise

This book was cute and I loved reading it. Chloe she is...well... she gets flustered around Jack and I found that refreshing in other books I read the gals are all bossy and confident, "I went to casually toss my notepad on the table and ended up throwing it on the floor. I looked up and the four of them sat there with huge \grins on their faces." Jack he's just a respectful rocker boy, "no you're not. Not by yourself at this time of night. I've got my truck. I'll give you a ride." Jack he knows how to clear the air with Chloe on where a situation is, "Chloe, if I was just being nice to you, we'd both be in jeans, in my flat, with a pizza and a couple pints of beer." Of course there are ups and downs, but the book has a HEA and I loved it. 

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