Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Resisting Fate by Heather Van Fleet

I was so freakin' pis*ed with this book like seriously! The WRONG boy left!! And of course it's a series but once I read the Jack was a bada** and rode a Harley like a flippin' idiot I had to read the damn book even though it was gonna pi** me off! Of course if Emmy and Jack weren't idiots they would have fought for each other did they, HELL NO they didn't! Well that's okay I mean Jack he comes across as an a** in the beginning, "what? You see something you like, Strawberry? 'Cuz I can tell you right now, you are definitely not my type." He comes across as a dominant type of person, "what am I going to do with you, huh? The cussing, the stuttering, the hearing issue... and now I discover that you like to spy on private phone conversations?" He tssked. I hated being tssked, "That not good Strawberry..." He's a protective sort, "s**t, Uncle Alan, I'd say she's been through a whole hell of a lot more than a little trauma, I mean look at the bruises on her neck! Christ, I'm gonna kill the ba***** myself!" He's also cocky but you know it wouldn't be bada**ness if there wasn't cockiness involved, "you watch too many movies, Strawberry. You must feel better when I touch you. Admit it...you like my hands on your body." Sometimes I wish a certain person did die in the book and then maybe the RIGHT boy would have stayed.   

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