Thursday, July 18, 2013

Don't Lie to Me by Stacey Lynn

We all know how much I love my alpha characters, and that is probably why I love Jack dearly. Although there were times the boy needed a swift kick in the nuts to you know get his head put on straight, he does have his finer qualities like he's protective, "I wanted to make sure you were safe." He's a romantic type, "you taste so good," he whispered as he softly flicked his tongue across my skin. "And you're so beautiful, Emma." He speaks his mind, "I want to know what it is about you that suddenly makes me feel completely out of control. I want to know why, when I saw you lean in to kiss Dean on the cheek last week I wanted to pummel him for having his hands on you." Alright so he's a bit possessive, he's also bossy, "you're worrying. And you're two point five seconds away from panicking and threatening to leave again. Knock it off." He'll do anything to protect his woman even if it means breaking her heart to do it (which is where he needed to be kicked in the nuts) I actually would love to read Marcus's story I'm hoping he gets one. 

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