Sunday, June 23, 2013

Octavian's Undoing by Airicka Phoenix

Riley she's just a sweet little thing, "I'm sorry and no offense, but I'd like to give it to him personally. There are some very important things inside and I'd feel better knowing he got them. Not saying that you wouldn't give it to him, but..." Octavian, he's well possessive maybe, "you dare out your hands on what's mine, Billius?" Octavian is nothing but honest (well in some instances), "I was shocked as hell to see you here, you, a human in a place that could get you killed. I didn't want you to be where you are right now. I was trying to protect you." He looked down. "You should have listened to me." The way he talks, it's like melt in your panties way, "baby, I felt you. It took all my self-control not to turn around and pull you into my arms. Scared the hell out of me. Why do you think I didn't notice my wallet missing until I walked into the diner and say you there?" I mean REALLY melt in your panties, "you better stop or I'll show you what I can handle and I can promise it won't be slow or gentle." He's also so protective I mean no one messes with his woman, "she didn't mean to," Octavian hissed. "She's still a baby and still needs to learn how to control herself. You can't think she would ever hurt Daphne deliberately." Whelp get to writing Airicka I'm ready for Gideon's story. 

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