Sunday, June 23, 2013

Color Me Pretty by C.M. Stunich

I liked this book better then the first one in the duet probably because of the happiness in it. Yes it's about Claire's journey but it's how she does it that makes the story. It's also about that one person who sticks by your side through good times and bad and that's why I fell so hard for Emmett, "aren't we all? The best we can do is embrace the half-alive bit, see where it takes us because eventually, we all succumb to that other side of ourselves. We just have to make sure that when we do," Emmett puts the fingers of one hand under my chin and leans in close to me, teasing my mouth with his lips. "We have no regrets. that we go knowing we spent every last drop." When someone threatens Claire's support system she becomes a fighter, "say it," I growl and she snaps her gaze to mine. "Say it and prepare to never effing see me again. Belittle Emmett, be disgusted with him for sleeping with me. I know you want to." I did wish that the ending went on a little bit longer I would have loved to see what happens between Claire and her family. 

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