Sunday, June 23, 2013

Man of Steel by MJ Fields

Normally I don't read novellas as they're just to short for me but when I saw the cover I knew I had to read it. Jase he's just all sorts of bossy, and I like it, "Carly, it's Jase. I must have grabbed yours by mistake. Meet me at the beach so we can switch phones, ten minutes." He seems to always get what he wants, I'm not sure if I like that in a man yet, "yes, I told you I wanted to hang out, and by that I meant you and me, not everyone else." Jase is a sarcastic little s***, "yes Carly, my mom owns a little shop on the boardwalk. She also does tattoos." Jase smirked at me, "I had your name tattooed on my a**." Jase I guess his thoughtful, "I broke up with her so we could spend time together. I am not a cheater, and either are you. Climb up on the board, we will deal with her together," Jase patted the board. "Tick tock baby. I won't let her hit you Carly." And there was a cliffhanger everyone knows how much I love them (not). 

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