Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Love Hate by Ruth Houston

This book was funny as hell, Amber she's something else, "oh, Veronica, it makes me so happy when you're so ecstatic to see me! Usually people tend to be moody first thing in the morning but just light up a room with your optimism!" Her mouth does get the better of her, "oh, sorry, I slipped." I said sarcastically. "Maybe if you weren't staring at my chest and trying to be funny it wouldn't have happened. Take this as a warning that my hands tend to act of their own accord when someone makes indecent comments!" Tristan you just love to hate him or hate to love him however the saying goes, "I know a much better, more satisfying use for your hands than slapping me," Tristan said, his eyebrows waggling." Amber is not one to keep what is in her mind, well in her mind, "what's it to you if I date a hundred guys?! How is it any of your business?! You're dating Ashley! You got her pregnant! That should be what you're worried about, not who I'm dating!" This book is about Amber, the girl is trying to find her way, and needs to open her eyes to see what is right in front of her. 

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