Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Miles of Pleasure by Stephanie Nicole

*Sighs* there were times in the this book where I wanted to bash both Ashton and Kaylee's heads together and scream at them to get their s*** together. Ashton you can tell he has something for Kaylee but he's just a big baby and doesn't have balls to admit it, but then circumstances make him see things differently, "what the eff is going on here?" His angry eyes turned from Brandon to Kaylee as his voice rose. "You met this guy tonight and gave him your virginity already? What the eff are you thinking?" Ashton is also protective, "it's ok.  He won't touch you again. Do you hear me, Kaylee? Look at me." When s*** really hits the fan it's then they notice each other's true feelings well I should say Ashton does, "she needs me, "he insisted, the tears in his eyes finally threatening to fall. "She trusts me, she needs me, and I need her. Please." I love Stephanie's books they're always fun to read. 

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